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Daphne by monkanjirk

Hard Times for Daphne Blake Part 2

 It felt like almost hours since she was inside the trunk of the car that she was taken in.  Daphne was struggling in her bonds and screamed as much as she could for a little while hoping somebody will hear her and after while she release that nobody was going to hear her so she stop.  Daphne noticed that the car stop “Mmmmmmmmpk,”  she kept saying after she noticed the vehicle stop.

 The trunk opened up and she noticed it was only that freak Kim there.  “Scream all you like nobody going to hear you out here we took you remote place that Keo's owns.”  Kim said to Daphne grabbing her and picking her up from the trunk.  “Kim take her to the play room I'll be there after a while.”  Keo said walking to the door.  “Come on move it red!”  Kim said spanking Daphne's butt with her hand and grabbing her by her arms and forcing her to move forward to the door.  “Oh Kim don't have too much fun with her I'm going to need my time to.”  Keo said walking into the house with a smirk.

 As Kim and Daphne walked in the house they enter the hallway.  Daphne was hopping and struggling moving forward as much as she could.  “Now stop with this resistant, your only going to make it harder for you later.”  Kim said putting more force into Daphne's movement.  

 They enter a big living room without all the furniture all it seem to have was empty space and she notice handcuffs on ceiling that was hanging down.  “Here you go red, time for Kim play time.”  Kim said taking her to the handcuffs.  “Mmmmmmpk.”  Daphne said struggling even more now trying not to go into the handcuffs.  Kim takes her into the handcuffs and puts her in it.  “You know it turns me on more when I hear your muffs through that gag.”  Kim said touching Daphne's body softly.  Kim moves around to the back of her body and spanks her butt several times making her butt red and she stops for a moment.  
 Kim gets in closer to tell her “Would you like me to take your gag off?”  Daphne nods her head and gives a slight moan.  Kim grabs the tape from her mouth and rips it off real fast and then takes her handkerchief out of her mouth, “now no screaming for at all.”  Daphne gasp for air for a second and lets out a scream “HHEEEEEEEEEELLLPPPPPP!”  Kim puts her hand on her mouth, “do you want the gag to be back on?”  Daphne shakes her head.  “Thats my girl red.”  Kim takes her hand off her mouth and walks to the front of her.  “Your not going to get away with this.”  Daphne said.  “Oh how are they going to find out?  You don't know anything about us to find us.”  Kim said stepping in closer grabbing both sides of her hips and then she kissed Daphne mouth.  “Let go mmmmmmpk.”  Daphne said trying to resist Kim.  Then suddenly Kim stops kissing her and starts going down her and takes off her panties.  “I promise you that you will pay for this bitch!”  Daphne said feeling more vulnerable.  “Please be more defiant it is turning me on more.”  Kim said grabbing a knife and using it to take off Daphne's bra.  Kim drops the knife and then with both of her hands grabs Daphne's breast really hard hearing Daphne moan a little bit.  Daphne at this point was getting turned on more and more but she couldn't let Kim know this.  “You like being used don't you?”  Kim said.  Daphne face turning red “no I don't.”  “I think your body is telling you something else.”  said Kim moving her right hand down inside of her.  Daphne try moving away from her and shaking her body around to get her off of her but she couldn't help but like the feeling that was inside of her.  Kim then grabs her with her left hand closer to her body and still working her fingers inside of her.  Daphne giving off slight moans of pleasure without even knowing it.  Kim then bites the right side of her neck.  “I'm going toooooooo, oh my god this feels so good.”  Daphne said moaning.  Kim working her fingers inside of her with more and more deeper and faster.  “Oh god, oh god, oh god.”  Daphne said letting off big moans now and giving more into the pleasure.  Daphne then lets the biggest moan go and then Kim stops with her hands.  “Did you like that red?”  Kim said taking her finger out from inside of her then putting it all around her  body.  “Yes I did.” Daphne said exhausted.  “Your mine aren't you red?”  Kim said looking into Daphne's eyes.  Nods and look into Kim's eyes and says “yes.”  

 Kim then takes her out of the handcuffs and then kisses her for a couple of minutes.  “Now lets get you ready for Mistress Keo's part.”  Kim said.  


 Fred search the mansion several times over not finding a clue about where they went to.  Fred drives off in the vehicle and looks for the nearest town and house to see if he could find Daphne or clues to where he could find Daphne.

 Twenty minutes later he arrives at  a town with a gas station, bar, and a couple houses so he starts searching for people to talk to about the two woman.  He stops at the bar first.

 Fred walks in the bar and looks around for a second.  “Hello there stranger what can I do you for?”  The man said.  Fred turns around to look at him and says, “My name is Fred, and yes my friend went missing not to long ago from a house about twenty minutes away.”  “Well Fred there is only one house twenty minutes from here and the owner name is I believe is Keo at least that what she says.  She does some weird things over there at that house of hers and her housekeeper.”  “Would you know where they went to? Or where they are at?”  Fred said desperately.  “All I know is that she owns several houses around Louisiana, and people that go over there or messes with her usually don't come back.”  The bar keep said.  “Like how many people have went missing?”  Fred said.  “I say about eight people now.” The police station is about an hour away from here if you need to file a missing person's report in the other direction you came from.”  The bar keep said.  “Okay thanks!”  Fred said running out of the bar to his car, trying to call Daphne's cell phone.  “Where is she?”  Fred said  driving off fast.


 Several minutes later Daphne was put into a school girl uniform, white shirt tied up in the front and plaid red and black skirt her hair was put into pig tails and long socks with red shoes.  “Are you going to let me go?”  she ask Kim which was wearing the same thing but her hair was in a ponytail.  “Oh that was the first part of our fun!”  Kim said with a exciting voice.

 Keo walked into the room wearing a teacher's uniform khaki skirt and a white blouse with a teacher's pointer stick in her hand.  “Listen up the both of you now!”  Keo said in a demanding voice.  Both Kim and Daphne saw Keo walking up to her.  “You look so good in that uniform Daphne.”  Keo said looking at Daphne up and down.  “Did you like what Kim did to you earlier?”   Keo said grabbing Daphne close to her.  “Ummm, yes.”  Daphne said confused.  Keo snaps her fingers.  Suddenly Kim grabs both of her arms and ties her wrist together.  “Well your going to really like this.”  Keo said kissing her for several moments.  Daphne have given up resisting them any more it seem to get her no where, maybe when they are done with her they will let her go.  Kim then rips her shirt and skirt off of her real fast.  Leaving her with a white bra and panties.  

 Keo then puts her right leg in between her legs and start to move it up and down on her.  Kim takes her hand from behind Daphne's head pulls her back onto her forcefully and starts kissing her.  Daphne giving out several moans already.  Keo slaps her right breast then her left breast several times over.  At that moment Kim was digging deep inside of mouth with her tongue.  “Mmmmmmmpk.”  Daphne said moaning several times.  Keo stop with her leg and went down on her, putting her mouth in between her legs.  Keo bites gives several nibbles to her thighs.  Keo then takes off Daphne's panties.  Daphne gave a slight movement of embarrassment. Keo grabs her butt with both of her hands and then goes inside of her with her tongue.  Keo tongue was going slowly at first but it knew what it was doing.  Kim then holds Daphne tighter and then stops kissing her and starts licking and sucking her right side of her neck.  Loud moans was coming from Daphne as she was moving from all the moans she was giving.  Keo going deeper inside of her with her tongue and moving it around and also giving a couple slaps on the butt whenever she got the chance.  Daphne moving involuntary from what Keo and Kim was doing to her almost to climax.  Several minutes later Daphne lets out a big scream, “OOOOOOOoohhhh Goooddd.”  

 “Good girl red.”  Kim kisses Daphne for a second.  Daphne falls to ground because she was too exhausted to do anything at all.  Keo gets up from Daphne legs and says “alright go ahead and tie her up and we leave her here.”  “Awww but I wanted this one!”  Kim said disappointed!”  “Shhhh, do what I say!  And you will get her later on but now isn’t the time need a better time when she is not with somebody else.”  Keo said to Kim.  “Alright then.”  Kim said starting to tied up Daphne's ankles and gagging her with a cloth and putting some tape over it.  

 Keo grabs the cell phone and starts texts a number.  “Alright I gave that Fred guy the direction to here so we need to get going now!”  Keo said.  “Fine one last thing though!”  Kim kisses Daphne on the gag and says “I didn't think I would have this much fun!  I can't wait to have you again!”  “Alright then see ya later TV woman!”  Keo said walking off with Kim blowing a kiss to Daphne.  

The End!
A second request for :icondoublec18:
I made a second part for my Daphne Blake story line, just her get more hulimated
Daphne Blake and Fred Jones belongs to Scooby Doo
Keo and Kim are my OC's
I hope you enjoy it!
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bella9wolf Featured By Owner Sep 28, 2014  Professional Traditional Artist
i love that story
monkanjirk Featured By Owner Sep 29, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
I had several people telling me how much they loved this story line, and had several request to do more of them.  I am glad you loved it.
jacksparrow567 Featured By Owner Apr 11, 2013
when the two girls left daphne bound and gaged did they out on her school girl uniform first or no
monkanjirk Featured By Owner Apr 11, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
They left it on the ground beside her
jacksparrow567 Featured By Owner Apr 12, 2013
I see and why they left her like that was it because Fred was coming it would be good if u would add continuation to this story cause I really want to know wat happens next
monkanjirk Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
So you want a happy ending to it? i can make another part to it though
jacksparrow567 Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2013
Well the ending I would like would be that Daphne will be put back in the schoolgirl dress then the two girls will leave her bound and gagged while she is in the schoolgirl uniform and then Fred will be told she isn't there and then she will be left like that or Fred will find her but will bring het home the way she is and leave her like that but its u this are some of my ideas I have.
DoubleC18 Featured By Owner Apr 15, 2013
You know it seems you're as interested in a sequel as I am. Maybe we should collab on this?
jacksparrow567 Featured By Owner Apr 15, 2013
wat u mean by that
jacksparrow567 Featured By Owner Apr 8, 2013
Good story is there going to he part 3 for it let me know soon I liked thevstory
monkanjirk Featured By Owner Apr 9, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
first off thank you for the watch! And maybe I might be able to do another sotry line to it! At the moment I'm doing Persona story and 2 request! little later in the future!
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