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Catwoman All Tied Up By The151-d3d9a2x by monkanjirk

Catwoman's predicament part 1

 As Selina was looking around and sneaking into the layer of of league of assassins she crawling around the layer making sure not to make too much noise so she can get in and take the Diamond jewel that Talia had taken from her the other night.  "I can't believe I was taken by surprise by Talia, but that is her mistake for not making sure that I wouldn't come back for it." said Selina.

 Wearing a all black uniform latex with a zipper in the middle from her chest to her hips and the uniform clinging to her body.  With her goggles above her head, and two pointed cat ears.  

 As has her goggles on seeing everything in red to make it easier to find the item she needed.  As she approaches the room where the diamond jewel was at she double check around to make sure nobody was around then check the area around to see where the diamond was at.  She notices it across the room in the corner of the room left side.  She then opens up the the case it was in and takes the diamond jewel and puts in her belt.  Then she heard footsteps of a couple woman she then turn quickly.

 One of the woman dress as a ninja with black hair, tattoos in her arm of dragons, black gloves and face mask was black and emblem on it which was the symbol of the league of assassins, and was wearing spandex black and dark green all around her body with some sandals on her feet.  "Put down that diamond jewel if you know whats good for you." said dragon tattoo girl.

 "Oh darn and here I thought this would be too easy."  said Selina.

 The other woman was wearing the same thing and had black hair but this one had on both arms tattoo's of a rooster.  "I guess I can look on the bright side of this I get to pay Talia back in way by humiliating two of her girls." said Selina.

 Right as she said that a dart was thrown at her, "you will pay for saying that," saying the girl with Rooster tattoo.  Selina dodges to right flew right by her face, as she was doing she threw her whip at her legs grabbing it knocking her off her feet.  As that was going on the Dragon tattoo came swinging her sword away at her, Selina dodges under it then punches her the stomach and then kicks her in the side of her head to knock down.  "Here I thought this might be tough they must take weaklings here on the league of assassins while laughing." said Selina.

 Selina seen something out in the corner of her eyes a can of gas release right by her.  As she was falling down and getting weak all she could do it was say "why always with the gas."  the she fainted soon after.

 Selina woke up with a splash of water pour right on her, she then woke up and noticed she was chained up hands together lending to the ceiling with a hook on it and then her ankles chained to together also lending to ground with a hook on it and as she tried to speak all she could do was say "mmmphkmm." noticing a cloth was in her mouth with tape over it that.  

 "Oh your awake about time I felt like I was going to wait here forever." said Talia.  As she approaches    Selina.

 "mmmmphmm." said Selina.  Wiggling and struggling trying to get out as much as she could but to realize it was useless after a couple minutes.

 "Please keep Struggling that only turns me on more." said Talia as she touches the chin of Catwoman.  

 "Now I bet you wanna know why I didn't finish you earlier when I took your diamond jewel or why not now." "mmmmpkm." said Selina.  "I have a game for you and I need your help to get what I want."  "Do you wanna play this game with me Catwoman?" said Talia.  "mmmpmmk." said Selina nodding her head.  "Aww good because I need four pieces for this game to work for me, and if you do this you will get you diamond jewel back and I will leave you knocked out tie you up again does that sound good to you Catwoman." said Talia.  "mmmmpk." nodding her head in agreement Selina did.

 "I so wanna keep you here and torture you for night and do it another night but I want my game to be done now."  said Talia.  She leans in and kisses Catwoman's tape gag for a minute.  Selina shakes her head up and down a around but Talia moves out of the way of it.  "mmmmpk." said Selina.  Then Talia snapped her fingers and three woman ninja came out and undid you chains and took the mouth gag off her the this time a girl with a rabbit tattoo handed her files.  "Now run along Catwoman I except to have my four pieces by the end of this week understand, oh and don't look at the files until your out of here." said Talia.

 "Oh you will get more then that if I can help it." said in a soft whisper by Selina.  As she runs off away from Talia and leagues of assassins.

 "You two will follow her everywhere she goes and monitor what she does, and then at the right time bring her back bound and gag and in her underwear." said Talia.

 "Yes master." both ninja girls said at same time.

 To be continue!
First part of a Catwoman's story line I had in mind please tell what you think of it.
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