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Daphne by monkanjirk

Hard Times for Daphne Blake

 “Alright sounds good I will send somebody over to look over the house to see if we can get some good footage for the show, and thank you very much for the tip.”  Fred said to the other person on the phone.  Fred hangs up the phone and finish writing down all the information that he had.  

 A couple minutes later Daphne walks in the door, wearing a purple dress with light purple toward the bottom of it, purple high heels and a green handkerchief around her neck and a purple hair band.  “Hey good morning.  Do you have anything yet for are show in two weeks from now?”  She asks Fred.  “Do I ever!  This lady calls herself Keo didn't give a last name, but she told me that her house might have ghost in it.  I said okay is there anything else about the house I asked.  She told me about how the house is well over 200 years old and that there use to be religious fanatics that use to live there that made scarifies for there beliefs.”  Fred said.  “Hmmm inserting anything else about it?”  Daphne asked.  “Well I'm looking at the address she gave me and the area seems to have a lot of activity as far as paranormal goes.  Its in a rural area outside of Baton Rouge, Louisiana.”  Fred said looking the computer. “Do we have any other good leads?”  Daphne asked?  “The only other lead is an apartment in New York.”  “We already did a piece a month ago about haunted apartment, lets go with this lead in Louisiana.  Set up a meeting with that Keo lady tell her we are leaving as soon as possible.”  Daphne order Fred.

 “Hopefully this will get Coast to Coast with Daphne Blake back on prime time.”  Daphne said.  Fred was rushing around and making phone calls getting ready for the trip to Louisiana.  

 About a day and half later they arrive at the address they had.

 “This is a little creepy I gotta to admit but I don't know if this is as bad as she was saying on the phone though.”  Fred said.  The house was almost as big as a mansion, very old from the looks of it.  Both Fred and Daphne stood outside holding there camera equipment in hands and looking at the house wondering if what they was told was true.  “Well lets get this over with then.”  Daphne said.  She walked up to the door and rang the door bell.  It seemed not to work at all, so she decided to knock on the door real hard to make sure whoever was in there could hear it.  “Hey Fred, you might wanna get a couple shots of this place from the outside once we get the tour through here.”  Daphne said adjusting her hair.  

 A minute later a woman opens the door she was wearing tight blue jeans and black shirt that said “Guilty” on it and she had black tennis shoes and orange hair with butterfly clips in it.  “Hello and welcome you must be the guest that Keo told me about, yay for me more people to clean after.  So I'm Kim the maid of this lovely place.”  She said sarcastically.  “Um yeah we are I'm Daphne Blake and this is Fred Jones from the show Coast to Coast with Daphne Blake.”  She said to Kim.  “Let me show you to Keo she is waiting for you follow me at your own risk.”  Kim said making a motion to follow her into the house.

 As all three of them was walking down the hall they was passing by several rooms that looked like it could easily come from the civil war era.  Fred notices a couple of pictures of people of the wall.  “Who are all these people and how old is this house?”  “I dunno they look old so take a guess on how old they are and the people I'm going to take a wild guest and say they live here at some point.”  Kim said to Fred.  “So how long have you've been working for miss Keo, Kim?”  Daphne asked Kim.  “For over a year.”  Kim said.  “Have you ever seen anything unusual around here?”  Daphne asked again.  “Sure every once in a while I hear noises like somebody is talking to each other.”  Kim said.  Kim stop and pointed to the room.  “Okay wait here I will go get Keo.”  Kim said.  She walk off in the other direction of the hallway.

 Both Fred and Daphne walk into the room and sat on couch.  “So what do you think Fred anything useful so far?”  Daphne asked.  “Nothing that sticks out at me so far.”  Fred said looking around the room.  “I wonder if we could make this work the atmosphere and setting is good but nothing else is striking here.”  Daphne said.

 A lady walks into the room had on a red high heels and red silk dress and red hair that looked like it was kissed by fire.  “Hello and welcome to my house, my name is Keo.”  Fred jumps up almost immediately and says “hhheeyyyyy.”  “You must be Daphne Blake I have seen you several times on tv.”  Keo said walking over to her shaking her hand.  “Yes I am and this guy that is a lost for words is Fred Jones the executive producer of the show.”  Daphne said standing up.  Keo walked over to Fred and shook his hand.  “Alright I'm pretty sure you two would love a tour of the house?”  Keo asked.  “Sure!  Hey Fred could get some footage around the house starting outside and to this room?  I'll go with Keo and get the tour and ask some questions about the place.”  Daphne told Fred.  Fred snaps back in thought and says “Oh yeah I'm on it Dap.”  

 “Alright come with me Daphne.”  Keo said gesturing her to follow her.  They walked out the room and started to walk down the hall and went downstairs.  “So when did you require this house?” Daphne asked.  “Um about ten years ago, I don't live here this is one of the many houses I own in across Louisiana.”  Keo said.   Daphne started to wonder around downstairs looking at all the old equipment they had in the house.  “Are you thirsty you want something to drink or eat?”  Keo asked her.  “You got tea with a lemon?”  Daphne asked.  “I sure do let me go get it for you.”  Keo said walking upstairs.  

 Daphne wonder even further into the basement of the house.  She noticed a door down the hallway of the basement she starts heading towards the door.  Still slowly walking around noticing the surroundings that was in front of her eyes, and touching everything as she walked by.   Right before she reaches the door she falls in a hole “Ahhhhhh” she screams out as she falls in the hole.  Daphne hit the floor kind of hard just enough to knock her off her feet.

 As Daphne tried to get up she heard a voice coming from behind her.  “I didn't think anybody would walk into one of the several traps we had that fast.”  Daphne noticed it was Kim the maid fro earlier.  “What do you mmmmmmpk?”  Daphne said as Kim took a cloth with chloroform on it on put it to her mouth.  Daphne struggle a little bit trying to fight the chloroform but after a minute she was knock out.

 As Daphne regain control again she noticed that she was tied to a bench with her arms under the bench and her legs also tied under it and bent backwards as much as they could go.  “Mmmmmmpk.”  Daphne said struggling and moving back and forth. As she also notice that she was gag with her own handkerchief and was cleave gag with with some black latex around her head and mouth and that she was in her purple and white bra and panties.  

 “Oh don't try to get out the fun is about to start.”  Keo said coming from behind her.  “Mmmmmmmpk.”  Daphne said at this point struggling and wriggling and even more when she appeared.  “You know I didn't think anybody would fall in this ruse or trap I set up so easy. I had my doubts at first.  Oh don't worry about Fred he is with Kim taking a guided tour around the house so I can have my play time with you.”  Keo said taking off Daphne's bra.  She then went down and by Daphne's breast and and gave both them a slap.  “Mmmmmmpkk.”  Daphne gave a slight moan her face turn red at this point.  “Now your mine forever!  Keo said  using her tongue and started licking her right breast and then giving it nip on it.  Daphne still trying to get away from her as much as she could still moving back as much as she could.  “Stop struggling and just give in, it will go a lot better for you trust me.”  Keo said giving a smirk.  Daphne gave her a look of defiance.  “You know the more you struggle the better this is for me.”  Keo told her then giving her a kiss on the gag for several minutes.  Keo then lays on the left side of her and puts her hand down into her pussy and starts working her fingers inside of her.  “You like that don't you?”  Keo told Daphne.  She wanted to say no but it felt so good her fingers inside of her she gave a nod of approval to Keo.  Daphne gave off several moans “mmmmmmpk.”  Keo then grabs the back of her hair with her other hand forcefully.  “Look into my eyes when I'm doing this to you.”  Keo told Daphne.  She looked into her eyes almost immediately when she said that to her.  Keo starts using her fingers inside of her deeper and fast at this point making her moan even more.  “Your mine aren't you Hollywood?”  Keo tells Daphne which nods in agreement again.  Several minutes later Daphne gives a big moan and is exhausted at this point.

 “Good girl!”  Keo said.  Keo stands up and gets on here phone texts Kim a message to her.  She unties the rope that had confine Daphne,  she stands her up and kisses her again.  “Now Kim is going to meet us outside we are going to have a lot more suited to your liking.  “Mmmmmpk.”  Daphne said struggling trying to get away.  Keo then proceeds to put rope around her ankles and wrist real fast with her struggling.  Keo puts the bra back on her body and then slaps her butt real fast.  “Come on move it.”  Daphne skipping her way the Keo slap her butt.  Keo then open up a door that reached to the outside.  

 Kim was waiting outside with a car and the trunk open.  Keo guided her outside to the trunk and then Kim walked up to Daphne and felt her up for a moment and then grab her.  “You know you might be the dumbest woman I know but you sure are cute.”  Kim said laying her into the trunk of the car then slamming it shut.  You could only hear muff voices coming the trunk where she was at.  “Alright lets go Kim!”  Keo told her.  They got in the car and drove off.

 “Dap! Daphne! Daphneeeee! Daphneeeeee!”  Fred kept saying more each time getting louder.  As he was looking throughout the house.  “I wonder where everybody went off to?”  Fred said dumb founded trying to call her cell phone the whole time.

The End!
This was a request for :icondoublec18:
I kind of base this off the movie Scooby Doo on Zombie Island when they were apart, Fred and Daphne had there own TV show.
Hope you enjoy it
Daphne Blake and Fred Jones are from Scooby Doo
Kim and Keo are my OC's
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